What is SeedUps?

SeedUps Canada is a next generation technology platform that helps innovative companies prepare, present and execute investment from an engaged audience of investors. Our network includes individuals, angels, family offices and early stage venture funds that come together to collaborate on funding Canada's early stage companies.

We have evolved to be better align with the needs of these companies and the investors wanting to back them by focusing our efforts on a lead investor, member network model. As a result of these changes, we are no longer operating as a crowdfunding portal.

Companies We Work With

Our Companies

Our companies access valuable resources that help them get ready to present and pitch their deal to investors that ask the tough questions. We guide founders and entrepreneurs through the capital raising process and make the complicated process of raising private capital simple.

Our team has significant expertise in helping companies prepare and present an organised and well-structured capital raise to an engaged investor audience of individual investors, angels and early stage venture funds. Investments are completed in a secure and private online data room, saving the company time and money. It's a disruptive model for the next generation of investing.

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Our Members

Our enaged investor community of individual investors, business angels and early stage venture funds support companies for a variety of reasons. It may be a business or industry they are interested in, a management team that has a track record of success, or they may want to fund companies backed by notable investors.

Our member network participants in online investor events and regional networking sessions that deepen their knowledge in venture investing and help them stay up to date with current trends. Become a member and gain more industry expertise in order to better evaluate investment opportunities.

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