How It Works - Companies

Prepare to Raise Capital

At SeedUps, we review hundreds of applications from companies seeking capital. All too often, these companies are not ready to present their opportunity to the investment community, not because they don't have a good team and business plan, but they are not organized to reach out to investors in a focussed and compliant manner. We get companies ready to present and pitch their deal to a community of engaged investors that will ask the tough questions.

Our experienced team will provide tools to help companies:

  • Select the appropriate type of capital raise – what options your company has and what best suits your stage of business
  • Prepare the appropriate financing and offering materials to present to potential investors
  • Create and deliver a compelling pitch to the investors
  • Position the company to be ready to raise private capital

We will guide your company through the due diligence process and ensure you have all of the required documents available for review by potential investors.

  • Organization of the due diligence process and all documentation
  • Preparing a dataroom for investor due diligence
  • Advising on the structure of the capital raise