Support Services for Companies

Financial & Advisory Services

Are your financials in order? In most cases, companies raising capital on SeedUps Canada must include historical financial statements in their offering document. Additionally, our due diligence team will want to see forward looking models as part of our review of your business.

Need help? We’ve partnered with professionals that are experienced in helping small to emerging companies get their financials ready for a capital raise.

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Legal Services

Companies are required to prepare certain offering documents when raising capital. An Offering Memorandum is a prescribed document that gives rise to significant legal obligations on the part of your company. Like other important legal documents, it should be prepared with the assistance of an experienced securities lawyer who has a thorough understanding of your business. To help you understand what is required, we’ve created an online document generator that will help you prepare an Offering Memorandum exemption offering and we have experienced professionals to help you get it right.

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Corporate Governance

All companies have a responsibility to communicate with and report to shareholders and other stakeholders. As your company grows and you add shareholders, you must ensure that your corporate affairs are in order and stay that way! Our partners can help you stay abreast of your obligations to your stakeholders.

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Video Production Services

Corporate videos are a powerful way to share your story with potential investors. Compelling images and well-written dialogue help people connect with your message, making video the ideal medium to reach mass audiences while communicating with them on a very individual level. Your video should focus on the business, highlighting your product or service rather than terms of the investment.

If you don’t have a corporate video – now is the time to make one. You can use it on your own website to attract customers and share your stuff! Need help?

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SeedUps Canada is an equity crowdfunding platform. That means you raise money in exchange for shares in your company. Selling securities is regulated by the various securities commissions in Canada and companies raising capital on the SeedUps platform must offer their securities under a prospectus exemption. You’ll find information on the site and download documents that will help you navigate the regulatory environment. In addition, the securities regulators have information available on their websites.

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Download Resources

We have guides and industry documents available for download.

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