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Crowdfunders’ wishes granted as OSC unveils regulations for startups

“We’ve been pushing for two years for crowdfunding regulation, so I’m very happy they are allowing small companies to raise capital in an economic way,” said Sandi Gilbert, founder of SeedUps Canada, a Calgary-based portal that connects small businesses with investors.

Regulators unveil crowdfunding rules for startups

With a growing number of small firms seeking financing through the Internet, securities regulators worldwide are facing pressure to allow companies to issue shares in exchange for funds they receive.

Kickstarting Crowdfunding

Sandi Gilbert, SeedUps Canada’s CEO appears with Amanda Lang on Lang & O’Leary

Kickstarter meets Bay Street: Selling shares through crowdfunding

Online pleas to crowdfund money comes from thousands looking to make a film or start a business. Now, seven Canadian securities commissions want to take that idea, to let companies sell shares to potential investors through crowdfunding portals

Meet the first ‘ordinary investor’ to buy a stake in a company online

Sandi Gilbert, co-founder of SeedUps Canada, says Elizabeth Hill is the first ‘ordinary investor’ in North America to use a crowdfunding portal to buy an equity stake in a private company online.

Start-up of the Week – SeedUps Canada

This week we talked to Sandi Gilbert, Co-founder of SeedUps, an equity crowdfunding platform where startups can access capital from the general public that wants to invest some of their money in the products or services they believe in.